New Year’s Eve Walt Disney World Style

Many homes have a Scrabble game, and some people’s games have missing tiles, but there’s no need to throw the game away. There are many things you can make from a Scrabble game whether there are tiles missing or not. You can often pick the games up at yard sales and flea markets for a buck or two, making the crafts you do very inexpensive.

So before you resign yourself to the “same old same old” or strike out toward goals that may be premature or pipe dreams, take some time to review the happy new year tips just past. What were your highlights? What were the lowlights? And what did you learn from it all? These questions have been part of my annual review and goal-setting process since reading Jinny Ditzler’s book Your Best Year Yet (R) several years ago. Your answers may surprise you, and in any case, taking the time to reflect will set the stage for a more effective goal-setting process.

Don’t send e-mail attachments. Media rooms with searchable databases use links, which you can provide to the media instead of an e-mail attachment. That way they can easily download an MS Word file and cut and paste the information they need directly from it. Don’t worry, if the media want more information, they’ll invite you to send an attachment.

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Jill, proceeded to collect all the funds needed to rescue this group of horses and many thanks goes out to those who participated in this rescue. Thank you to all that donated for just another miracle and many lives saved! “A second chance for these precious souls “Happy Holidays and happy new year!

Supplements: Omega 3, CALCIUM CITRATE, Vitamin D3 (or sun with caution), Vitamin C, Folic Acid are good daily choices. To be used with caution (means research) I recommend Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B complex. My oncologist does not like Vitamin E, Selenium, or Multi-vitamins. They fall into the antioxidant category though so I use them with caution. I do take probiotics. Psyllium and Methylcellulose are good fiber supplements. The former disagrees with a few people.

Staying healthy and eating the right foods along with regular exercise isn’t an easy formula to perfect. Keeping in mind these simple but effective remedies you will increases your chances of losing weight and limit the chances of putting on any more weight.