Nintendo At E3 Porject Cafe Revealed

Take your hands away from that “Buy” button. If you were thinking about giving yourself some headaches with a new Nintendo 3DS, don’t do it until August 12th. That’s when, according to the company, the U.S. price plummets by about 1/3 from $249 to $169. Similar price drops will be enacted in other regions.

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Boy, was I wrong. I have no idea whether Super Mario 3D World will be enough to boost Wii U sales, but in terms of quality, I think it’s right on par with the two stellar Mario Galaxy games. Mario 3D World is an outstanding game for children and adults alike, and it reminds us how good Nintendo can be when it’s at its most delightful best.

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I always wanted to write a letter to Nintendo/Nintendo Power when I was a kid. Unfortunately, the actual act of putting pen(cil) to paper to write was something which I was never really big into. I did draft this one huge letter I thought would get in for sure, because it was bigger than anything (well, two pages, anyway), but never sent it. In hindsight, that was probably for the best, and for a number of reasons. So I usually just called their consumer service line instead and told those poor people what I needed to say (but not all at once).

According to Nintendo, more than 830,000 people have purchased the 3DS since it launched in the U.S. on March 27. The Nintendo 3DS allows 3D visuals sans special glasses, although it does give some folks headaches. It’s also not recommended for use for children below a certain age.

So, the choice is yours. Buy a 3DS later, and save the $80 (plus tax), or buy it now, with 10 games for free and 10 games no one else will be able to get unless they buy a 3DS before August 12. Which is more appealing to you?