Resolved: Buy An Electric Car

You can buy them already done, or you can do it yourself. (This is my favorite part! You can find someone who’s done a conversion you like, and then just buy it).I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to convert an ICE-machine into an electric-powered rocket in my spare time. I think I mentioned before that my mechanical aptitude is measured in negative numbers. However, this is what I’ve found: There are people out there who actually LIKE doing this sort of thing and are willing to sell them to you when they’re done! I’m thinking, let’s leave the sweating and grease to them and just pony up the money instead.

There are a lot of people around who have easily transformed the car by themselves. The conversion to Natalie Portman was honored by the Environmental Media depends on how much the vehicle weighs and how much batteries are you going to use. Charging the batteries of the car will not get a hole in your pocket, it is not expensive. You just have to plug the car in and the charging process begins.

You first need to replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor and also remove all the gas engine parts, like the tank, the radiator and the fuel lines. After that, you will need some nuts and bolts, power conductors and a power controller. You must also install a batteries rack with rechargeable batteries that will give power to the motor.

The performance of this car is far superior to any of the other electric cars that have been produced. Once you press on the accelerator you are at full torque with no waiting for the car to shift. You can easily negotiate through heavy traffic and the handling of the Tesla is second to none. There is no engine noise from a Tesla Roadster. Imagine riding in a car that has no acceleration noise, no shifting noise and no exhaust noise. Nothing but the quiet hum of it’s electric motor.

Another bone I have to pick concerns the lack of home charging of the batteries. Under the guise of convenience, Honda and other hybrid makers have decided to force the driver to use their gasoline for the majority of the charging of the batteries. If future hybrids or full electric cars employ larger and more powerful batteries capable of lasting the length of a 400 mile trip, then I would like to charge the batteries with cheap home power. Even today’s hybrids should offer a choice of charging methods.

I’m not sugar coating the Chinese built (yup, it’s shipped from China) Xebra nor am I going to shoot it down. It is not a safe car – that much is true, but there are some people and places that could find a use for a vehicle that runs so clean and cheaply. I’m told that the folks at Zap are going to introduce a beefy all electric street machine that will blow everyone away, it’s called the “Alias.” It’s on their website.

As an individual you have to make the change, if we wait for a oil company to change we’ll be waiting a very long time. As for the auto manufactuerers they won’t dare go against the oil tycoons either.

French company Venturi has spent the last two years fine tuning its Venturi Fetish. The Fetish is an electric sports car that has some impressive power numbers with a 0-60 time of 3.5 secs and 300 hp. With those numbers this little electric car is right on par performing with the likes of most gasoline powered sports cars produced today. Of course if you want performance you have to be willing to shell out the cash as the Venturi Fetish comes with a price tag of $465,000.