Tarpon Fishing In The Florida Keys

1) Purchase your fishing equipment and gear from professional shops or dealers. In this way, it is more likely that you get the best quality fishing gear. There’s nothing more frustrating than catching a large salmon only to see it get away because of a broken fishing rod or line. So as much as possible, buy from shops that exclusively sell fishing equipments. One advantage of buying from these shops is that the owners are often experienced fishermen themselves, so you can always ask pointers from them on what the most appropriate tools are for salmon fishing.

Last Friday, my garage was broken into. The thieves picked the low hanging fruit; they took a couple of backpacks left sitting on the toolbox of our ATV trailer. Within those packs was 15 years of accumulated fishing and outdoor gear. When we began to calculate the cost to replace the missing items, we were dumbfounded. It is amazing how much we spend on outdoor gear. Typically, quality outdoor equipment is amassed over a long period of time. A lure here, a lure there, it is tough to walk out of a sporting goods store without dropping at least $20. And when travelling, the savvy angler will always browse the local sporting goods vendor for specific lures indigenous to the area.

Choosing fly boxes is quite crucial so be careful in doing so. It must have huge partitions wherein dry flies can be stored squashing their hackles. One or two boxes that have metal pins and foam on the inside layer are also needed. These can be used to store the wet flies, insect larvae, and streamers. It would also be helpful to have some small vials to store the dry flies after catching a fish.

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4) Use the appropriate baits. This is of course understandable but it’s surprising that a lot of people forget the importance of quality bait. Bait that doesn’t entice nor interest a salmon is dead bait. So do yourself a favor and use baits that are effective like cured salmon eggs or roe. Any experienced fisherman will suggest salmon roe, so it’s best that you listen to them.

Bug-Em Bait Company is run by fishermen for fishermen and serves the coastal areas of Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Wilmington. You will find a variety of services and gear here for anglers. They have famous brand cheap fishing lures of all kinds, lures, bait, rigging equipment, monofilament, rods – custom built and factory, reels. They also have power drives, equipment repair and service, and great advice. Bug-Em carries special products like Teaser Reels made by Reel Colors out of Connecticut, Mahi Candy lures in several colors, and their own custom live bait rigs and longer downrigger release clips.

It only took 30 minutes before my fishing fleet was reduced. As soon as I was sure that the fish had the temptation of his jaws, took a hard hit. I was kind of concerns you may have hit a little too soon. I’d rather lose than run the risk of taking the pike bait deep. This did the trick and although I could feel that I had hooked.

As you set out on your next camping holiday, you can be assured then that all of this part of your equipment is ready and you can concentrate on food, water, batteries, replenishing the First Aid Kit, clothing and personal things.