Top Five Myths About Identity Theft

Why do you need to even change your name? I bet you have not even really thought about it right? As usual (as with most things in your life) you are just changing your name because everyone is doing likewise – or maybe because your family says you should, or maybe because everyone else expects you to do so – or whatever.

Lets not forget about illegal immigrants. You are made to think this would keep them out because they wouldn’t be able to work. Slipping a quick thought in here: the government is taking our ability to work away, so what makes them any better?? Yeah right, be practical. For under $300 an illegal immigrant can buy both a social security card replacement and a birth certificate. Then under this Act they can receive a legitimate ID. Wow, that is an illegal immigrants dream come true.

Think about it: how many kids do you know that use a credit card? How many youngsters under the age of 18 work on a regular payroll (where they get paid by check, not cash)? Not many, I’ll bet. How long do you think that person will be able to work or buy things using your child’s identity? Not long or not at all if you are vigilant from the beginning.

As long as the charge is in dispute, you don’t have to pay that portion of your bill. You do, however, have to continue paying any other amounts you may have on the same social security card replacement.

Give out your account number over the phone unless you’re making the call to a company you know is reputable. If you have questions about a company, check it out with your local consumer protection office or Better Business Bureau.

Bear in mind some characteristics that I’ve discovered about tenants with recent evictions. First, they’ve learned a little something about the system. In other words, they know how to delay. Second, they don’t fear the system. They’re not afraid of court, judges, lawyers, the sheriff. They know the time periods and they know how to plan. Also, their credit is already wrecked so they don’t fear the hits to their credit that an eviction judgment and money judgment will bring. Trust me, you don’t want these people unloading a moving truck in front of your rental.

Another entry that we want you to be aware of on your credit reports are items that truly do not belong to you. There are many cases where the same name or similar names cause information to be entered into the wrong files. Sometimes this can be disastrous when applying for a loan. The underwriter, banker or lender ONLY has the information that is front of them.

We hope this article has been a helpful to you. Our goal is to provide information to make you aware of your options and assist you in determining what is the best choice for you.