Why Investing In Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Is A Wise Decision

For several years I worked for various boiler room style call centers here and abroad, selling one product or another, most of which centered on internet marketing. One thing in common with ALL those companies is, from the training stage of employment, to closing sales we were driven to stretch the truth to the limits and beyond. Often starting the day with nasty calls and emails from clients complaining that fulfillment did not meet salesperson’s promises. That’s just not my style. I have been in the customer service business in one form or another all my life. One thing is certain, the best advertisement is referral. Subsequently, a quality product or service at reasonable price, followed by sincere prompt craftsmanship. Is Priceless!

In most States, contract law has it that currency of some denomination must change hands between the buying and selling parties along with the signed contract in order for the real estate sales contract to become legally binding.

Another great area here is the Ocean course which was opened in 1991. In the East Coast, this golf course was said to be the most challenging of all. This golf course has been a host to a number of high profile golfing events and it has been used as one of the areas for films like the 2000 flick Bagger Vance. The island is also fantastic for other activities. You can walk around the parks, go to the fishing pier, check the boat landings and even enjoy the beach parks and water parks. You can also go camping, kayaking, enjoy summer camp for kids and there are also events here like the Holiday Festival of Lights as well as Reggae concerts in the summer months.

It really doesn’t matter too much which choice you make, because whatever you decide to buy, the property market will go up approximately in the same proportion as all the real estate. As Land Shark Realty in North America has been escalating faster than wages, the quicker you buy a home, the better.

Most showcasers have a fee schedule of services. Typically, at the bottom will be a consultation fee of several hundred dollars for a walk through and working up a list of things to do. From there, fees range up to several thousand dollars for whole-house packaging. Additional fees can apply if you need rental furniture and/or props.

There is a piece of land on the edge of town. You can buy it for $55,000. You talk to a company that specializes in building self-storage buildings, and get a quote for the 102-unit building you want. You call a paving company and get a quote for a driveway. You also find out what fencing will cost. You estimate closing costs, initial advertising costs, holding costs prior to getting the units rented, and every possible expense you can think of to get this project up and running.

Ask yourself this simple question. What is your time worth? Then figure out how many hours a month you will need to learn and implement online marketing that will drive traffic to your Website and produce quality leads. I will do it all for a fraction of the number you have come up with. GUARANTEED! I work on a one on one intimate basis. I’m in this business because I love it! I do not want 1000’s of clients with less than 100% satisfaction. 100 clients with 1000% satisfaction is far more rewarding!